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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hit the ground running

The semester has started and so has the heavy work load.

Yesterday the family enjoyed a picnic at Oxnard State Beach.  It was a chilly 65, with jeans and a sweatshirt in order.  Back in Burbank that same day it was 85.  Quite a difference when traveling to the beach.  Many students, professors and their families were in attendance.  There were games and a bounce house for the kids.  Very enjoyable.

My Hebrew Exegesis class is led by Dr. Bill Barrick.  He is truly a scholar, having contributed to the translation of the Bible into 9 languages so far, and is very thorough in critiquing our work.  What an honor it is to sit under his teaching.

Our finances continue to be tight.  Our silver car is in the shop and will come back with a bill north of $900.  Ouch!  Though my Father is a wealthy billionaire, so it should be no problem for Him to take care of this for us.  My Father continues to provide for us in due time, as He sees fit.  This being one of the great sculpting tools He uses on us lately.

My church history class is fantastic.  Getting to know the church fathers (apostolic fathers - because they were in succession to the Apotsltes) has been a joy.  Seeing that from Clement to Turtillian to Polycarp and Ignaciaous, the way of salvation has always been by faith and not of works.  With over 1.1 billion "Roman Catholics" in the world saying we need works to justify us for salvation - in that salvation is not by faith through grace alone (Eph 2:8-9) - it is comforting to know that the early church fathers do not agree with them....nor would Christ Jesus the Messiah who, upon His death on the cross to be a propitiaiton for the sins of men, said "It is finished".  The Roman Catholic would have to say - "It is started".

Another great class is Old Testament Survey.  Our professor is taking us chapter by chapter from Genesis through Esther and the rest of the OT will be next semester.  What a joy to see the faithfulness of God to His people.

Guess that's all for now.  Need to get back to translating Colossians chapter 2.  Seek Him while He may be found.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Back to School

August 31 began the start of the fall semester.  I have a larger class load than my first semester with harder classes.  Should be a challenge and encourage me to longer times of prayer.

Cameron is now in the first grade.  Elle will be doing a summer short term pre-school (Lord willing) and Tyler is just having the time of his life with his big brother and sister.

Ann is doing an awesome job of managing the household (Titus 2:5 something every Christian woman should be is a "worker at home" - not that women can't go out and have jobs - but they must maintain their biblical responsibility at home and not outsource it to others)  It's a function and a privilege to serve God in this way, and one of the highest honors bestowed upon women.  Men don't get off the hook though, as the buck stops with them - being called to provide for their family, being the spiritual leaders of their home and the one who serves and loves their wife as Christ did the church.  Another backwards role given societal stigmas.  Christian men though see it as a function and privilege to serve our families as we serve the Lord.

As an intern at Calvary Bible Church, I get to attend the elder meetings and weekly prayer times.  Last night we had a beautiful example of the men discussing a sensitive subject, with many of them personally connected and they handled it with grace and preference to others.  It was a great example to me.  All those at Calvary should thank the Lord for raising up such men who act with integrity behind closed doors!

Please keep us in your prayers that we may grow in our love for Jesus and the proclamation of and obedience to His word.