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Monday, June 28, 2010

Greek and CBC Internship

Thanks to a handy song on the web, it wasn't all Greek to me, only most of it. Our professor is, shall we say, eccentric to say the least. He tells us about all these conspiracy theories of what really goes on in the world in order to poke and prod us to focus on the main thing. No, not Greek. Jesus!

He wants us to be so focused on Christ that we let all else fall behind (especially politics). Yes, be diligent in family and in school and at work and church, but that is being diligent as God has commanded which then brings glory to God. Not diligence for an "A", but diligent in that we are good stewards of what God has given to our care. Our focus and goals have to be in the right place or ALL that we do brings shame to the name of Christ.

Greek class is now 3 days per week, and moves at a fast pace. Please pray I can keep up with class given the time my family and I have allotted for it.

This past week my church made me an intern. They wanted to see, as they do with all students, if we can handle the rigors of seminary before investing more time in us. Since I am now through with my first semester, it cleared the way for an Internship. What's involved? More one on one discipleship with a pastor. He'll be able to guide me and give feedback in the ministries I'm currently involved with. Preaching once per month at Burbank Health Care, Teaching weekly, on prayer team etc. I'll also attend the monthly elder meetings and weekly elder prayer meetings.

God has been and continues to be good to us. Someone gave us a box full of frozen food and said they'd make it a regular thing if we liked the contents!

If you're reading this in the Burbank area, please consider coming to Church one Sunday morning at Calvary Bible Church, to taste and see that God is good. The salvation of your soul and where you spend eternity hangs in the balance. Please also consider reading the book of John.

praying for your soul...dave

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Revving up for School

Had a great visit with Ann's parents this week. Went to the beach, had some Italian pizza, enjoyed good conversation. It's nice to have Grandparents who are saved. It gives us eternal things to discuss and enjoy.

Hello to Erin Carlson! Hope you are doing well.

This coming Monday starts my two months of Gladiator Greek, as it's affectionately known. Please pray that I continue to get the needed time with my family, that I can pay attention to their needs and continue to share with them the things I am learning about the Lord.

The Lord has continued to bless us and take care of us financially. We received two more gifts in the mail this past week. He promises to take care of His children, and He does. I so love the Lord more and more as my understanding of Him grows.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Green Tea from God

Today was another Day of God showing us who is God. Of God proving He is sovereign over all creation and that all things are in His control. No, He didn't throw a mountain into the sea, but by the time he is done blessing us daily, it will be a mountain.

This morning, as I got up for Father's Day, I read in Deuteronomy how the Levites did not inherit any land as the other tribes of Israel did, because the Lord was their portion. This would play out for us again today.

A sweet elderly lady at our church came up and handed Ann some money saying, "The Lord has just continued to put your family on my heart." Thank you Jesus.

We were invited over to a friend's house for lunch today - which is a blessing in and of itself as we planned to have a normal lunch to save money - after eating tri-tip steak, partaking of a 5lb fruit tray, corn on the cob (anyone hungry?), hot dogs, home made strawberry pie etc, they send all that remained home with us....about 3 small boxes worth of food. Thank you Jesus.

On the way home, my daughter told me to open up a little tray on near our center console in the car, and the friends who invited us over, sent us home with some cash too. Thank you Jesus.

Green Tea. Ann's parents are coming to town tomorrow. I had asked her what her Dad liked to drink so that we could go to the store and get it before he arrived. She said, "he likes green tea". We'll guess what they sent us home with today from our lunch? That's right, green tea. The providence of the Lord is written all over life, and sometimes it is easy for all to see. No one at the lunch today even drinks green tea, but someone thought they'd get some anyway. God is good.

Thank you Jesus.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Coffee Burn

We've just returned from a great week visiting my parents in Maryland. My nephew Micah was also there. Was good to see him too.

While in Maryland, my Dad and I drove 350 miles to Huntington West Virginia to visit my 89 year old grandpa, Bill Jones, whose health is failing. We stayed only about 4 hours and then headed back home that evening, but it was well worth the trip. Counted 14 deer. Didn't run into any of em, praise the Lord. The rolling forests of the East are vastly different from California. Dark greens, millions of lightning bugs, clear streams. Was good to visit.

Ann's parents are coming out next week. Looking forward to their time here as well.

Oh yeah, coffee. Two weeks ago, Tyler pulled a full pot of coffee onto his right shoulder and neck. Got first and second degree burns. Was quite the tramatic morning. His skin started to sag and bubble. The burbank fire dept. arrived in about 4 min and were excellent in every regard. They took Tyler to the ER where he was treated and released in a few hours. His skin is almost back to normal now, but some healing still needs to occur.

What does Tyler remember? "Fire truck go BUMP". There are speed bumps on our road. "Jesus, gave me a shot". When Tyler was loving life on Morphine, he said some interesting things. The best being "Jesus, gave me a shot". The ER doc is certainly not Jesus, but it's nice to know my 2.5 year old is thinking of the Lord already, even in times of distress.

Greek starts in one week....time to learn another new language. God is good. I pray you know Him. He died for your sins, and rose again on the third day. The book of Romans, chapter 10 verse 9 says, "If you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved." I pray you turn to Him today.


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer Break

Hebrew Grammar II is now over. Three weeks of summer break are ahead until two months of Greek summer school start.

We'll be able to visit my family in Maryland and Ann's parents are coming to see us. It will be nice to visit with family.

A few weeks ago we had to replace the tires on the front of our pacifica. Not cheap. We used money in savings to pay for it. Just a few days ago, someone gave us an anonymous gift that covered the cost of the tires and then some. The Lord provides.

Praise. Christopher's wife and baby, Irene and Abbey, arrived from Africa. It's the first time he has seen his new baby and hasn't seen his wife in over 4 months.

I'd like to share a sermon with you. It's about a rich man who was willing to do almost anything to be saved - except one thing. Please listen if you have time. It is both convicting and encouraging.

Seek the Lord, while He may be found.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

We Serve a Gracious God

Memorial Day - was supposed to be a day to spend time with the family and relax a bit before my last push towards the end of my Hebrew Grammar II class. This week Ann had little tutoring because school is out.

The phone rang. A man from our church was doing a roofing job and wanted to hire me for the day to come help out. It turned out to be the same amount of money Ann would have made tutoring that day.

Later that day, as I was driving with the kids, the car started to over heat. Not just a little, but all the way up to "H". There was no more room for the needle to go. Praise the Lord the car just needed some coolant (a bunch of it) and a quart of oil. $20 later and the car is back on the road. You might say a funny day of coincidences, if you don't know the Lord, or, if you do know God Almighty, our loving compassionate, gracious, all-knowing and Sovereign God - you would say - "just another day, with God in control"! And in control He is!

Praise the Lord for He is good.

Tomorrow, I have my last final for Hebrew Grammar II, at which point I'll be half done with my Hebrew studies for seminary. Thanks to all of you for your prayers. We truly appreciate it and are blessed by them. Continue to pray for the salvation of my children.